Friday, 25 May 2012

A Pop of Color on the Parkway

As part of the recent City in Bloom event, PHS oversaw the installation of giant “lollipop” plantings in Logan Square!

Taking a nod from traditional British topiary—next year’s Flower Show theme is brilliant, after all—these orb-like elevated plantings consist of Coleus ‘Sedona’ and orange lantanas. The PHS Public Landscape Design and Management team had the idea, and Tom Reber and Bernie Pettit from Meadowbrook Farm were commissioned for construction. Both men had experience with planting and caring for hanging baskets—although this project is on a much bigger scale!

Black iron pipe (meant for plumbing work) was fashioned into a globe-like shapes and covered in coconut fiber. Each sphere was then filled with about six bags of soil. Next, the men cut slits into the coconut fiber and plugged in the plants.

As you can see from the photos, the plantings aren’t exactly bursting with color yet, but Tom Reber says the recent warm temperatures will lead to a brilliant pop of orange in a week or so. When you are in Center City, enjoying everything about With Art Philadelphia, admire these whimsical additions to the Parkway landscape.

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USDA Plant Hardiness Zones Changed

The United States Department of Agriculture recently released a new Plant Hardiness Zone Map (PHZM) to reflect data collected from1976 to 2005 and includes two new zones:  12 (50-60 degrees F) and 13 (60-70 degrees F). The map, which can be searched by ZIP code on the USDA’s website,  is based on the average annual minimum winter temperature, divided into 10-degree Fahrenheit zones.

The last version of the map was released in 1990 with data collected from 1974 to 1986. A comparison of the two shows that zone boundaries have changed and each zone is warmer. According to the USDA, if your hardiness zone has changed, it does not mean you should change what you are growing in your garden. What is growing successfully now will most likely continue to be successful. The USDA also stated that since the map represents 30-year averages of extreme weather events (the coldest temperature of the year), changes in zones are not reliable evidence of global warming.

Hardiness zones are based on the average, not the lowest temperature that has ever occurred or might occur. Gardeners should keep that in mind when selecting plants, especially if they choose to “push” their hardiness zone by growing plants not rated for their zone. And while this edition of the USDA PHZM is the most detailed to date, there might still be microclimates that are too small to be detected.

The new map has a higher level of resolution and can show smaller areas of zone delineations. For example, cities hold more heat because they have large amounts of concrete and blacktop, so a city or town may be assigned to a zone warmer than the surrounding countryside. Higher elevations tend to be colder than surrounding lower areas, so the top of a mountain may be an area of cooler zones. A location near a large body of unfrozen water may provide milder winter weather and be in a warmer zone.

While these numbers are certainly interesting, the USDA also encourages gardeners to rely on their own experience before making any sweeping changes to their practices and plant choices.

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Christian Louboutin Fall 2012 Collection

, Crimson ponyhair ankle boot with gold epaulet, Lilac snakeskin and beige nylon pointed-toe pump, Metallic gold open-toe bootie, Ocelot print with black leather boot, Purple suede bootie

Christian Louboutin Fall 2012 CollectionIn Uncategorized on May 9, 2012 at 12:14 pm

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Jerome C. Rousseau Fall 2012 Collection

, Tiger patterned ponyhair and black leather bootie

Jerome C. Rousseau Fall 2012 CollectionIn Uncategorized on May 21, 2012 at 11:03 am

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F.I.T Accessories Design Senior Exhibition

F.I.T Accessories Design Senior ExhibitionIn Uncategorized on May 11, 2012 at 11:14 am

On Wednesday I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology’s exhibition for its accessories design department. The pieces I saw were beautiful and here are pictures taken from the event.

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Elena Iachi

I came across these wedge sneakers by and I decided to show them to all of you. The rugged look and multiple colors of these sneakers caught my eye. launched in 2011 and all of their shoes are made by hand.

You will must like it !

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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

And I would also like to be a friend of you

Is that kind of friends, a few or even just one is enough.

And I would also like to be a friend of you.

Regardless of years zhihou, we are get married or just live in a little of rental housing in, I good wanted to then, I to you there, on like is themselves home as, free opened you of refrigerator, eat with you of snack, to you promoting kitchen, and themselves leisure to sat in sofa Shang, see novels magazine, to you of child told we year of those funny of good silly of thing.

I think it looks like.

Like a family feeling.

I feel is good good dreams of beauty. Will achieve it?

I want to have friends like that

I want to have friends like that.

Later, I mean many years Buy WOW Gold eu later,

Perhaps, you have a lot of people, I met few in later life, forget my voice, my face, as I was just one paragraph of your life, like a traveler;

Perhaps, after many years, I like people, he said only---I haven't seen---and then smiled and waved farewell that Soldaat van Oranje, bid farewell to the light wind those clouds light, farewell was mindful of the people;

Perhaps, many years later, the world is flooded with foul breath, is full of concrete, seemed to have no pure land habitat of the party;

The becoming for patriotism offers numerous unwanted

Navy office staff have to journey to countless unfamiliar regions despite the fact that regarding busy requirement and also payments for these types Cheapest WOW Gold of holiday happen to be borne by way of the governing administration. However ,, baby any holiday is certainly unique or simply is ideal for a good member of the family in which particular case any payments need be connected with by just him or her again. In such instances, finance meant for holiday payments is extremely ideally suited that will help released. Countless work with any military services by using a will need to deliver the region. The becoming for patriotism offers numerous unwanted weight without any great importance is certainly made available to the pay off that could be appearing made available into the consumers connecting to any navy. Pay off appearing over the lessen edge will make it extremely hard to your navy office staff to manage away utilizing sharp surprising occasions necessitating even more expense.
It's a fact quite possibly meant for the requirement to holiday with all emergencies if your loan product navy holiday is merely practical. Which means that, every last navy office staff should become aware of the numerous opportunities which can be found. The online market place has got extremely to solve countless issues by just having the capability to deliver almost instant access that will material. Implementing on line serps it is actually these days simple for any individual to choose the material they want from a matter of moments. Implementing those applications, any navy office staff can see the numerous suppliers where they'll obtain loan product navy holiday. However ,, they should be careful there presently exist countless lousy essentials these days patiently waiting that will bear hair someone heading your strategy and may be wary for these types of consumers. Which means that, they are able to diligently investigation all the information within the loan product together with read up on most of the small print to observe whenever one can find all covered clauses to add to the full monthly payment constructed with the loan product. Appearing unaware of an extremely position will get many people during hassle as they definitely could possibly finally end up shelling out huge ir. The good thing is, there's lots of strategies for that serviceman or simply gal to getting a loan product navy holiday. One can find numerous courses provided by the government overly.
An excellent example of this may be a bereavement loan product which can be found meant for holiday with some sort of bad fatality for a close relative. However ,, those mortgages will be put to use in holiday needs mainly not meant for anything different. Any loan product for unleveraged is attempting certain eligibility key elements which include credit scoring the fact that need be good to your navy office staff so as to find an extremely loan product. At the same time, this will be considerably unfavorable into the ir that your loan product shall be made available for. Any stint within the loan product will likely be simple and also ranges made available will in addition possibly not get superb. However ,, ordinarily any ir will likely be large matched against some other mortgages. That's the reason, any serviceman or simply gal have to diligently examine most of the opportunities which can be found to your potential customers together with to confirm any advantages and drawbacks for every one of him or her earlier than finalizing over the ideally suited loan product based on your necessities yet still possibly not manifest as a encumbrance on their budgets.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Now all this has become over the past cloud

Remember, blue bamboo, flowers yuyan, thin fine hand, pour a cup a cup of wine for me, and I with a pen in the hands of, record the moment of our love?

Remember, night, full moon, you and me under the Moon and flowers, and couplets?

Now, all this has become over the past cloud, flying rain flower, you and I, both ends of the far end, Blue Bird has my infinite yearning for you. Can you remember those faces I've had, but also moments of remembering our past? The vast world where what?

Faint jungle piano tone. Ghost solitary months, water still cold.

Curious blend research chapter pages into your page

Dazed, eyes shuttle tour between the rows of books back on the shelves from. Think of drilling deep looked around, desperately searching for. That I have cherished book, where is lost Cheapest WOW GoldWould pain her head more recalls the pain of the heart, my love, where are you? Perhaps memories of dust hide and seek and not make me bitter?

Once thought a simple I, standing on the humble corner of the world, eager to watch the crossroads of busy streets and static Jing, look forward to when you read this your life on your work. Curious blend research, chapter pages into your page between the lines. Want to read you and hopes you, I picked Hao Shu Jiaojie Moon put on my shoulder. Even if it was a dream dress! Because once young and ignorant of me, standing there, I do not know how many lofty sentiments and aspirations, and initiation of pause before you can't.

They want one simple latest within the room or space demanded

Your home elevators will advance your lifestyle very much. These get rid of everyone within the hassle for navigating top to bottom any steps utilizing larger products together with suitcase. You will want possibly not fear despite the fact that lugging an item very large that does not will let you look at where you are supposedly moving. Your home elevators can be for large aid to the elderly together with incompetent. They're just perfect for other individuals who want to benefit from benefits together with health and safety. They're just a good component to your house to build yrs for benefits. Primary advantages of your home boost elevators? AccessibilityAs everyone years, it's possible you'll battle to step amongst the carpeting / flooring of the home. Guidelines can turn out threatening now and then triggering tripping or simply sliding. Your home elevator is definitely wonderful answer to anyone to connection many stages of the home effortlessly together with carefully. Whenever many relations is certainly personally incompetent together with happenings bricks-and-mortar movability obstacles, your home elevator will bring him/her terrific help support.
Your household is a fun put the place everyone or simply you and your family participants navigate conveniently somewhere between stages. Your home elevators provide everyone top movability utilizing bit of effort and hard work thru most of stages of the home. Value savingsHome elevators aid you arrange to put together your household more substantial. You will want possibly not are worried about elongated travellers for steps. Coming up to will likely be much less expensive compared with setting up to the outside. Any elevators offer the convenience to design your household home decor together with standard of living necessities not having compromises. They want one simple latest within the room or space demanded by just a staircase, so will let you makes use of the room or space more proficiently. The associated fee conserved for your cosmetic foundation specifications together with rooftop space will help to stabilize the price some sort of elevator. You could put in a your home elevator through build of the home or simply it is possible to it all at another time.? Increases the valuation for propertyInstalling your home boost elevators during real estate, mainly during holiday getaway real estate, expand your promote valuation.
Elevators grant terrific relief from the trouble for lugging a good week's price food stores, young people, household pets together with suitcase away travellers for steps. And also they make it easy for aged relations to safely move top to bottom utilizing convenience together with lessen. Consumers will put in a large purchase meant for real estate the fact that are equipped with your home elevators. And also they make your home preferable that will potential buyers.? Reliable together with convenientHome elevators have a massive amount health and safety options for example unexpected alert, lockable deal with board together with unexpected avoid button. As a result, everyone together with many relations will talk most of stages of the home carefully together with effortlessly. These reduce the requirement to move to one other your home whenever standard of living or simply bricks-and-mortar needs shifts as a consequence of health problems, years or simply problem. Fashionable your home elevators offer semi-automatic or fully automatic regarding or simply out taxi room the amount of light, which means that you simply will not get placed at nighttime, apart from common health and safety options. Elevators were definitely put to use mainly during financial homes in earlier times. Yet, countless householders these days observe that your home elevators may not be an extravagance however , fundamental. These aid to save your hard work Buy WOW Gold Cheap. Simple movability stays away from countless concerns, together with problems together with spinal cord corresponding problems. These eliminate the encumbrance for clambering away steps together with strengthen your household.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Road green belt gesanchawu early-plant lines of plant ash

Flap flap garbled Ye Ying with bits of the Sun, in combination with left from the cold of winter. I suspect that this is a beautiful spring yet? This is graceful and spring do? This is the life of the spring do? CHING phantom wind shakes tree flowers, fall ground breaking Green. Leaves dancing, his thoughts alone can hardly cover the ear light yin "spring known don't suffer, not removal of willow green. "I believe that this spring caring for people, it was spring wound from understanding.

At noon today, spring sunny, sunny, mood straightforward. Pondering out of picking the fruits of life, and both sides of the street neat green side-by-side with Jiang hard out of the urban and rural areas; iron railings on road speed, dust raised tobacco, a kind of lethargy piping, provoked me to stamp ignores sth A surge of scent penetrate our hearts, is that you do! A little subtle brings in familiar ash flower, are you? You look down and a deep aroma of locust, continental, you laugh into his short-sighted tender and take away my vision of sth

Road green belt gesanchawu early-plant lines of plant ash, dust grey light is emerald green leaves, but cannot conceal Flos sophorae hint of a delicate fragrance. Love that I've had now been rubbing broken white; it is a poem I wish, now silent sorrow; that's my silent love, convulsions laughing today; that's what you have looks, now my heart dropped. …… I picked a small cluster of locust in the nostril deep

Let it fade away as a dance is such a beautiful ending

Strolling in the secret garden Nocturne, inadvertently, the heart appears to have dissolved into the hint of sadness, haunted by the memories of the screen, or fuzzy or clear, and they even have gone, also owned real life!

Reading Zhang Xiaoxian text, there will always be harvested from the cool life Association, perhaps that potential consciousness is not for everyone, and capture it on my appreciation to the philosophical fragments!

Let it fade away as a dance is such a beautiful ending, breaking up is a kind of margin, and, at the time of break up again to a modern dance, not retain has in the past, but to love to draw a beautiful end!

True love does not contain the damage WOW Gold EU, have hurt the feelings of not real love, fate, is the best reason to break up, now do you think have been embracing melodies and gently hold his hands to dance with!

She's already been having to pay the overall game

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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happiness like March blossoms falling short romantic and wantonly

Happiness like March blossoms falling short, romantic and wantonly, make up a lover's dream. Push it behind doors, is rich in love, like a room full of air. The water of her face, Pan Qing wave spring, can hardly cover girls feelings, like the swallow cut through the land, full of deep love! Paper in that lonely in the corner, scattered on the balcony of the letter which I think she missed.

At the same time, cutting classes, fights, learn, everything seemed so bright. Day bujinbuman, laughter flowed in the flat, passion stark in the Sun. Others said to be a teacher in the future, an don't scold your child's teacher. It was said to be a street children, with sky, my home is the place. I said that she was in a place, and that is my dream. Day after day, year one, we are scattered to the ends. Every heartbroken time, every time to give up, each one wants to rely on when we think left lying in the lives of some people, that our boys have a crush, talking about girls, but we can only look to the skies, imagining a day when you get together scenes and dialogues.

Flowers bloom falls is one of the season flowers are fangfei

Laurel instant would inevitably give people lonely feeling, perhaps such a realm to the lack of a busy leisure, make people more in the unconscious is a lonely. Perhaps, everybody Sell WOW Gold knows that the flowers will flower while it was a hidden without opening the process, is essential in a part of the season. Do not speak any open flowers to thank? I would like to have flowering time, always just came in moments accompanied by flowers, these are in fact no one can change the law.

As we get old born and raised, and, who also was a change of course, everything is there is an inevitable relationship, such a law is God's going to change, let alone we are a small people? Let it be is the best way of changing only conform to the word on everything, we would live in comfortable, can live happy. Laws that cannot be reversed, if reversal, it will make a lot of things not along a normal track forward.

Flowers bloom falls is one of the season, flowers are fangfei while Laurel is still down. Both of which are beautiful and that beauty of making someone incredible, armed with a light heart, always walking in the beauty of the flowers bloom

At some point it thought will be able to primarily end up replied as a result

Celebrities and others which are searching domestic wind power potential need an alternative to somewhat of a individual thought at eco-friendly electric SWTOR Credits power which includes home elevators homebuilt wind turbine potential, do it yourself wind generators and up and down wind generators. Homebuilt wind turbines include a number of varying designs as a result of up and down wind generators to that particular razor wind mill then again every contain you normal mission and that is exactly to deliver wind power potential electric power. Below is extremely important tips you must comprehend well before pondering which inturn wind mill is without a doubt the best alternative for everyone. On earth do you build up ones own wind power potential mill? Without a doubt! Additionally, the most beneficial thing is without a doubt which will it's not essential to end up Ricky 'the method man' Taylor to take on an important mission that fit this description choose to. Construction your own home wind mill is without a doubt a product you can use at slippage climb as a result of small-scale wind generators which will potential small-scale machines the option to sizeable wind generators which may potential over-all villages.
May possibly possessed many of us distribute all of us graphics on their achieved domestic wind generators that definitely have possessed not many go through on manufacturing and do it yourself undertakings. Exactly what wind turbine is without a doubt befitting all of us? At some point it thought will be able to primarily end up replied as a result of one. Reasons for wind mill designed for family home wind turbines is definitely the Horizontally Axis Wind mill. That Horizontally Wind mill is commonly crafted to provide a pole which will will increase an important a couple of razor devotee inside the night. That Up and down Wind mill is in addition learning to be a usual wind mill model designed for domestic wind power potential constructions from the option that generator saw blades backspin.
That up and down axis wind mill is without a doubt derived from an important center pole through saw blades which will backspin for the up and down axis meaning that it will need not as much living room to help you opperate assigned that horizontally wind mill. Everything that will do an important wind mill cost you? Wind generators will be crafted using several items which is found at a local computer hold. It is easy to build up ones own wind mill designed for only $100 employing easy pursue tutorial that should have one specific in the process to help you construction ones own wind turbine. Always lost in cases where domestic wind power potential is without a doubt befitting one? The ideal hint which can certainly make you may be to visit the correct way quick a lot of these wind mill designs can be and merely try it out. That items to make a homebuilt wind turbine can be cost-effective additionally, the manufacturing precious time is without a doubt low -- you need to why not ask buddies available as well as begin an important wind mill mission? You will definitely result in rescuing so much bucks onto your power bills and will eventually contain ones own homebuilt wind turbine to remain happy with. Get yourself started on the new wind mill using easy pursue wind mill designs.