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Summer's Wind

Summer wind is always very soft, much like Ann. He forgot a typhoon this kind of thing, justremember that he and his students braved the typhoon to play table tennis, trapped in the ball room, and station wind for a long time, came out to see many people picking up fish on shore, and occasionally some turtle or shrimp.

In fact, the typhoon, nor how powerful ah, security and much sighing.

She is like the summer wind in general, can be drunk evening cicadas, not necessarily rain.

Anyuan may feel a bit like her, do not know why, but that did not see him this summer, the days of endless boredom, only to see her sitting in the same river delicate Willow, but apart from this, Anyuan think of her and other links between the willows.

So much will go to the security of some of the history of the library, down the road in front ofthe library is full of long high plane trees, leaves it Tulv time.

Anyuan like this road, not deep, but some quiet, no one general way, that the roadsidearea, Anyuan do not know its name, just know that is very old-style five-storey house, the wall on a wall of water full of rust marks, some houses to be climbing some of the ivy, but unfortunately did not cover all close to that feeling.

But this is not a main cause of it, the most important reason, is what people go this routelook at the book only.

But now she should not go, that Shuiyu normal girl.

Anyuan got tired of the summer, sixty days is no longer relaxed, but through time and spaceas long as torture, like the woman is exposed, as people can be tortured tired, however,can not sleep, do not want to , and thus lose some of what is about to lose, fail to seize the... ...

Placement is said to be next year, security will not be far at the same table that her slim, then a simple girl, yet so beautiful, should be chasing someone, but it is not their thing,Anyuan looked at the pale green water, a touch of thinking, it still has the opportunity to meet

Date back light

Slightly poetic sun was shrouded leaves a lot of fantasy, falling in the name of air-conditioned library, the gap between the curtains, shady trees.

Anyuan gently closed the book, the direction facing the sun comes around, his eyes,although the loss of the sharp, but in summer the sun just like the sword in general, how much, or will wounding.

Anyuan feel that they understand what is, for example, Tolstoy graves before the sunplaying in the woods, the sun is exactly the kind of soft feel, as if you can reach out to touch,thin silk yarn, fine water-like waves in the full flavor of fresh air in the soil, is fabulous elves,making silent sacrifice summon ... ...

To my beliefs, thanks to Yu rest.

But still do not want to ah!

An far back into the book shelf, he felt the woman was reluctant to let go, obviously already tired, and why? Anyuan asked myself.

Do not want to see what the outcome, safety distance, the view out the window three-storygreen pine needles, a person, out of the library.

Sometimes Anyuan think reading is a not easy thing, whether it is a novel, or history, ifstuck to, it is not just laughing and crying in a simple, if the storyteller is a devil, he speciallyswallowed stuck plot the reader's soul, then get called to fill the dreams of things, orbeautiful, or sad, wake up, only the end is lost ... ...

Like life in general, what if does not fit, there is no end, and then only in the loss alone, loston the road, step by step, toward normalized Hui lost the name, can never go back.

An flee out of time, forget smile back facing the direction of the corner, then he saw the glass door on the translucent light in his face, a light loss. Hand, has already captured the heart, people began to choke, can not look far to security door on the corner of the seat thathas been know tired ah, Kan Bukan go, it is the same result.

Amidst the blue

Crushing of autumn, full of the quiet world, not far from the river, a few mandarin ducksplaying in the water ... ... in front of each other, all are so good looking, but I was unable to appreciate. I leaned against the windowsill before the pain of the wound do faint, hastortured me for several days. I try to think back to things in the past, can only make the painmore intense, in every case, if it is to deliberately hide something!

Sometimes in a dream, vaguely, I seem to hear a voice has been shouting a name: neverwas, never was, never was ... ... I look back, but it does not find, like a distant songgradually disappear in the dark. That voice, that name, for me, how to have a story? Why do not they look like memory? Why did I come back to this place? That wound is how come?This question brings up all the pain I lost consciousness again.

Dream I saw a woman's figure, the wind in Thurso lonely wait. That was in another place,surrounded by the glare of the fire. I suddenly call out a name: cherry snow ... ... and thenwith nothing! Leave me alone to find a panic.

Fate at that moment I believe it's cruel. I lost everything I own, in exchange for an unknownpast and future. And I can only wait, like a kite off the line, leaving the mercy of the wind!

I laughed out loud yourself, lonely helpless laughter, echoed in the empty darkness,desperate ... ...

Once the future ... ... ... ... ... ... and the glare of the fire cherry snow ... ...

What happened in last year ?

Seems to never go back from his serious look at college life this year, much of their meaning for existence, perhaps not right, too numb for fear of abandoned time and do not know nothing. If I take a look, hang around a year but in the end is an empty loneliness, how should the idea was there on the heart.

Community, interpersonal, academic, friendship, love ... ... one group of people were removed from here, one side stretched exhausted, the other side but hard to let go all the way to go forward resolutely like moths to a flame like a pull off. But I never never know what is in their choice of where, or the direction of struggle is where. After all, society seems to not work in my direction, but it never gives me from the warm to pay at every possible effort to offer all kinds of reasons, so they die in a sector not live with, meaningless, Vice Minister of mixed job is meaningless. The interpersonal, we seem to have maintained from beginning to end in the most decent and most perfect smile distance to different people smile distance, we understand each other, so this time against one of the things that actually seem to show up altogether a matter of course neat no clear-cut. School is always a big problem, when talked about their own tasks when I do not know how to begin. One year time, so scattered away, still in the original location if not proudly, and this also would be uncomfortable, if that is the truth, So what if any theory.

Even offer all kinds of do not want to, have to admit, I am always a little fall, and daily alarm sounded groggy and then sleep, this is when to start it, remember a little . Ma Yuan and Li Jun became ineffable pain, although not not test, but still not what I want to end. To review as a kind of joke, which is always a price to pay. Sports is the same tragedy, arduous journey to make running less tempered finally failed, shot once again become a pain.Heaven does, you sorry me.

Eight-day summer vacation is a legend, let me once again this school with legendary legendary understanding. It is hard to find work playing with toys, nothing more, as promised to his eight-day time look good Feng Wan, otherwise it is a little bit sorry themselves. So these eight days, so crazy in the extreme and spend quiet quarter, seen in the film goes back in the quarters to play games, or riding a bicycle on the line a few dozen kilometers wild drinking, two extreme melting so coordinated wine into my life. Xiong Bala song from cycling back along the road covered with clover, the students go to find, very easy to find several strains of clover, I can not help wondering whether happiness is to come so easy, that I have been What is like to struggle?

Cents in August 2007 came four gorgeous, four years later in August, the end of life in my freshman year, my four cents a perfect ending, I am not upset at your affinity could be so late, then the U.S. TV series , but not if the role of each hand to hand, most vividly. Legend of heroes never just world, he shaped a little every life has its own fresh and distinctive characteristics. Ji moved to the piano dedication and deep love, a situation ask Sword, from wandering, but also a long-cherished wish of the non-miss, from thousands of miles, that is what Fiat allies and enemies. However Modoribashi, cure my drink, going through VI cycle, but still has as partners with the Xia Shusheng Jinglan, even if only your side of the plants, even if you never never close gazing know that I am still blue. Cheng Jun to this promise, will keep a lifetime, we have the promise of such a sonorous oath, Red smile a leisurely, so he came up with this sad, happy, gone through allies and enemies of the dead, gone through Shaohua hair.

PS: When I sat in bed knock out these sporadic text, the window is a rain, there is no empty stage dripping out of the mood, nor the leisure Lin Ku-fang, the huge dormitory is aparadise. Head is not stuffy, and no longer has a fever, may be hoarse throat is sore. Only article and waving my dissolute past year, said goodbye, from landscape may not meet, I will face life with a new attitude.

TERA: different situation in Korea and Japan

The super Mmog game-TERA which developed by the Columbia Bluehole firm and operated via the Hangame underneath the NHN group, display distinct in Korea and Japan.

 Because the exact same game,however the two nations in Columbia and Japan marketplace presents different condition. Japanese marketplaces, the overall game has been effective beyond expectation, which after the commercial open, nevertheless within the upward trend Nonetheless the industry in Columbia, the all round game take considerably less industry, the serve also turn out to be considerably less, quantity of gamers also delivers precisely the identical fate.

 Depending on the pertinent sector, the TERA in Columbia domestic server online players' amount to date maintain no more than the 40000 individuals, the present wander is eight to 11 inside the Columbia game list!

 Nonetheless in japan marketplace, the general game inside the open beta test to been commercialized, stable keep within the greatest quantity of 50000 online, and also the number is even presently small improve.

 Because of the principle distinction through the video game market place scale, really, japan marketplace 50000 gamers on-line simultaneously is could be the exact same because the extremely very best 200000 gamers greatest online simultaneously within the Korea market place. Though Bluehole and NHN haven't any comment through the quantity, nonetheless using the silence attitude, we're in a position to observe that the serve in Japan can be a lot hot in comparison to Korea.

 The TERA like a sizable post which invest about 40 billion, about 160000 up through the open beta test on the internet gamers, have the potential to competite using the Columbia leaders through the eternal on the internet tower for two numerous weeks, but the overall game following commercial operate for just one particular month, because the content material, the wordpress plugin, skilled balance not best properly, the all round game on the market consists of a big decrease, can now only competite using the paradise 2" and "wowInch .

 Rather, may possibly be worth to seriously take into account Japanese industry, the quantity of gamers within the all round game following the improvement of commercial development a lot more rapidly, even let the Hangame ZhengXu of representative in regards to the exclamation, Japanese on-line industry with Korea on-line marketplace is actually different!

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